Keep an Active

Real Estate

Without the dues and fees.

Need options for your Utah Real Estate License? Whether you’re retiring, taking a break, too busy, or any other reason.

Become a referral agent and easily go back to fully active anytime.

Why Join

Integra Realty Referral?

  • Never any Realtor, MLS or E&O Fees
  • Keep Your Real Estate License Active
  • Keep Earning Commissions
  • Earn Commission on Your Personal Transactions

Who is

Integra Realty Referral for?

  • Retiring or recently retired Agents and brokers
  • Part time real estate agents and brokers who find that paying MLS and board fees is not cost effective
  • Agents who are changing careers
  • Real estate agents that have decided that sales are not
    for them
  • Real estate agents that buy and sell as principals
  • Real estate agents that want to maintain a tax
    deductible status
  • Agents moving to another state
  • Agents taking a temporary break
  • New Agents not yet ready to engage in active sales
  • Any Agent who doesn’t want to throw away their
    Valuable licenses
  • Real estate agents who are employed in another field, but want to use their license to earn commission such as probate attorneys, bankruptcy attorneys, family law attorneys, financial planners, and CPA, s.

Do’s and Don'ts of a referral agent



Become a Referral Agent

Becoming a Referral Agent with Integra Realty Referral allows you the opportunity to keep your Utah real estate license active and continue earning thousands of dollars for your referrals. There are never any Realtor, MLS, or E&O fees! You will end up saving hundreds, if not thousands, on fees every year. Joining Integra Realty Referral is a super easy.
Don’t lose your Utah real estate license or let it go inactive, join Integra Realty Referral today.

To park your license there’s a low membership fee: $50 per year. You reap all the rewards of your referrals less our low & simple fee of $495.00 per transaction fee for commission checks $5,000 and under, or a flat $695 for commission checks $5,001 and over.

We’re a completely independent brokerage, so you may place your referral with the agent of your choice or allow us to select the perfect fit. You can refer residential, commercial, new construction, or land deals, in any state. Make easy money with your valuable Utah real estate license.

Ready to join? Move your license in minutes! check out our FAQ for answers to the most commonly asked questions about Integra Realty Referral.


If I decide to become actively involved in real estate sales, can I transfer to full service status with Integra Realty?
Absolutely. We have offices all over Utah.

Do I have to pay Realtor, MLS, or E&O fees?
Absolutely Not! You will never have to pay Realtor fees, MLS fees, or E&O fees while your license is parked at Integra Realty Referral. Easily save hundreds, if not thousands, per year on those pesky fees. You won’t be a member of any board of Realtors or MLS service. As a virtual office, we do not have mandatory meetings or other obligations. Simply park your license and refer any real estate business to keep a steady income stream.
Our incredibly low membership fee is just $50 per year. Parking your real estate license is an affordable alternative to paying expensive Realtor, MLS and E&O fees.

How do I get paid?
Once Integra Realty receives a commission check from your referral closing agent, we will wire your funds as soon as the incoming funds clear our bank account, typically within 1-3 business days. As an independent contractor you will receive a 1099 to report your earnings at the end of the year. We do not deduct taxes.