Frequent Asked


What are your fees?

We have been offering our 100% transaction-based model longer than any other brokerage in Utah.  No more splitting commission with brokers, monthly fees, or other junk fees. On each transaction, Integra Realty is compensated with a $495 transaction fee.  Nothing more.  We also don’t charge fees to your clients.


Do you have a CRM and what does it do?

Yes. Within the CRM you can easily manage your contract, build your website, and lead generate through systems like newsletters, email campaigns, property alerts, landing pages, SMS lead capture, and more.


Do you allow Teams?

Yes. Our cap structure is team-friendly, our centralized support and training enable team leaders to be more efficient, and we have a number of tools that they can use.

Do you offer support, and do I have someone available to me for help?

Yes, you will have complete access to a broker seven days a week. We play an active role in our agent’s success and encourage our agents to contract us with questions, big or small.  We make it very easy and provide a “Broker on Duty” link on our online calendar to make it simple for you to find whom to contact with questions on the weekends and holidays.  We also have a every document you could possibly need on our website that can easily be found with the search box.

What kind of training do you offer?

We have ongoing in-office training year round in addition to pre-recorded training libraries and online videos, Live and on-demand training are all housed on our website, agents can also take advantage of our weekly mastermind group meetings, mentorship program, and one on one training.

Do you have a productivity requirement?

We do not have a productivity requirement but we want to make sure that our agents are reaching their goals and full potential as real estate professionals.  The most important thing for us is your success.  If you are struggling, we will discuss option from mentorship, growth teams, traditional teams, and even 1 on 1 coaching. The important thing is if you want to be successful in Real Estate, we will work with you to achieve that.  Because we don’t charge any fees of any kind we want to make sure you’re having closings.  If you’re not making money neither are we.  We are truly in this with you.

What are your offices like?

Our offices are located in class A office buildings and are created and furnished to be locations you would be proud to bring your clients to and meet with.  They feature beautiful décor and are consistent with our brand.  You will find conference rooms, day offices, open workspaces, beverages for you and your guests, and fast Wi-Fi.  Your local Integra Realty office is beautifully designed and available to you at no extra charge.


How do I get paid?

We use a third party payroll company to pay via direct deposit.  When your transaction is complete your payment will be processed and sent to our payroll company.  Funds are usually available next day.

Can I do rental and property management with Integra Realty?

At this time Integra Realty is not supporting any ongoing property management services. Our focus is on sale and purchase transactions only.  We have a few companies that we work with that you can refer you property management to for a fee.

How quickly can you get me set up?

Its super simple to join Integra Realty and the entire setup process usually take less than 24 hours to complete. It can often be complete in just a few hours. The speed of on boarding is determined by how responsive you and your current broker are in completing the required tasks.

What areas do you serve?

Integra Realty currently operates offices and services the entire state of Utah. If you are a productive agent or team leader in a State we currently do not serve contact us, we are looking to open new States and you just might be the first agent/team in your State. Please contact us if you have any questions at all about availability.

Do I need to change my Board or MLS?

Absolutely Not! Integra Realty is a member of multiple REALTOR Associations and MLS’s throughout the States we serve. If for any reason we are not yet a member of your local association then Integra Realty can join that association.